Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 38

The fourth time is the time of ...

The band of heroes – who know rightfully could call themselves dragon-survivors – continued south. After a few hours more, the stale air slowly dissipated and a fresh smell started to blend in. Soon after they found themselves on the northern brink of a large body of water. It tasted like brackish waters, so they decided to cross it using magic to walk on the water.

They rested and tried to spot something on the other side. Finally, Tes managed to convince his companions that the vague lines in the air, actually was an elevation on the other side of water. Even though not everyone could see it, they decided to aim for the elevation, when the sun would rise the next morning. New spells were memorized, and after breakfast, they all started walking on top of the waves, heading south towards land and Ember.

Half a day – and several water walking spells later – they arrived at the sandy beach on the other side. They had been lucky. The water was quiet and their long walk had been uneventful. The elevation was indeed a hill, which was pointed out multiple times by Tes. Maybe they would listen more to him next time.

Just as they were having a late lunch, a sending arrived from Ebaneezer. The news were unappreciated. Apparently they had landed more than 120 miles north of Rappan Athuk, meaning that they would still have somewhere between 250 and 300 miles to travel, before they again would see the gates of Ember.

The subjects of conversation were limited to a few, since their travels had been uneventful since the dragon encounter. Nothing had happened while walking, which on the outside was good, but the boredom kept bringing a single subject up. They could just use the amulet and be back in the House of the Sun in Ember within 10 minutes. But Wix was reluctant and insisted on walking. However, after yet another half day of walking, the thoughts of the consequences of delay exceeded the boredom of walking, and he made the decision. They would activate the amulet, and teleport back to Ember. He also took his time to explain why he was reluctant about using it. The amulet was more than 1000 years old, and had maybe been used once or twice in that millenium, before it fell into their possession. However, in the last few months, they had used it extensively, and he was afraid that the artifact would break under the heavy usage.

The amulet did not break down this time, and once more they found themselves surrounded by the comforting walls of The House of the Sun. They knew that time was short, so they operated quickly and coordinated. They sent for Duke Archington, knowing that he was prepared for teleporting them right away. The could not risk wasting yet another day, since they had seen with their own eyes that the temple of evil grew stronger for every day, and it was just a matter of time, before it was to late.

They agreed on meeting later this afternoon, and started to prepare. They would attempt to be teleported directly into the temple once more. They knew it was risky, but it was necessary in order to stop the evil spreading from the temple.

A few hours later they met up with Duke Archington in the temple grounds. They started buffing up and soon after they joined hands and the mayor of Ember started to cast the teleportation magic. The world flashed for their eyes, and they found themselves spread out – in the intestine-clad first temple of Orcus in the depths of Rappan Athuk.

The sheer look of surprise from the high priests and his underlings were not to be ignored. This was a surprise – they did not see this coming, and -
more importantly – they was not prepared for this. The party realized that this was a golden opportunity. Our heroes were spread out in the star-shaped temple room, with Radokan isolated in the opposite side of the room to the rest of our heroes.

It didn’t take long before everyone had gotten a view of the room, and realized that there was one other newcomer to the room. It was a 3 meter high demon, built by sheer muscles, grown with the sole purpose of tearing lesser beings apart. It was a …

“… A Hezrou”, Wix, Ja’Djik and Radokan stuttered in a weirdly synchronous voice from different places in the room.

And then the blasphemous demon speak started.


Session stats:

  • Playerkills: 0

XP summary

  • 300 xp for patient participating in this session



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