Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 37


While five of the heroes were left quite amazed of the sheer mass of feline power that had just entered the battlefield – and praise the gods that the cats had joined their side – On’nis quickly dispatched the 4 trolls. He severed their heads from their foul bodies, and threw them as far as he could into the swamp water in various directions.

After a quick assembly they decided to move towards the only landmark they could see – the hill to the east. When they came closer, Ja’Djik spotted movement at the foot of the hill. The took cover behind some leafless twigs, and soon they could count 6 trolls emerging from the waters around the mound. The beasts gathered and set course northwards, probably scavenging for food in this foul-smelling terrain.

The band of trolls disappeared from sight, but just when the party were about to approach the mound, they spotted 3 additional trolls. The monstrous humanoids were all resting on the mound, probably guards sleeping on their duty. Instead of seeking confrontation, our band of adventurers sat course on the opposite direction. The forest, that Radokan had spotted from his flying vantage point, was their new destination. They spent the remainder of the day moving west – encountering nothing but mosquitos and toads, while enduring a smell that could be rated way fouler than that of an unwashed dwarf.

When the sun started to set, they entered Radokans rope trick, but the presence of On’nis tiger companion made several of the smaller party members rather uncomfortable, and when the big cat decided that the magical hut was a good a place as any to do its tiger business, its popularity was in free fall.

Just as the sun rose over the swamp to the east, Ja’Djik completed his divination ritual. He had once more asked his favored diety about which direction they should travel to reach Ember. The answer was clear: “Ember is the direction when the sun is highest in the sky”. They concluded that the should travel south, and started off in that direction. Eberhart had prepared a Sending spell. He contacted Ebaneezer and informed him that they were teleported to a wrong location and needed help. The response from a confused High Priest was clear. “I do not know where you are. I will contact you when I know more”. The decision where clear. They needed to move south to get closer to Ember, so they would do that while awaiting more information from Ebaneezer.

After a few hours an ever-alert Willem was the first one to notice the weird shadow. It actually made sense that he was the first one to notice, since there weren’t a lot of things expect for our heroes, that would actually cast a shadow in this flat and featureless swampland. Themselves – and then the black dragon that was diving towards them with a frightening speed.

Radokan was fast, and choose the invisibility magic as his first action. He would probably have been better off if he had been more proficient in battlefield positioning, but unfortunately for him, he didn’t. The result was that the when the dragon landed, it opened its foul mouth and breathed out a mixture of liquid and gaseous acid. The intended targets, Ja’Djik and Willem was right in the line of fire, and so was Radokan, who had chosen to stand right behind them.

The dragon roared, as Willem threw a tanglefoot bag at him. The dragon retaliated with a bite to the halflings leg, but the tanglefoot bag still struck its target. The glue did its job and the majestic creatures wings where covered in the sticky mass. The dragon was grounded.

The heroes now saw a change, since the fighters could actually get close to their black-scaled opponent. Everyone started to deliver hits to the dragon, but the first to go down, was On’Nis tiger. It attacked the dragon ferociously and many scales was marked by huge claw marks. However, the feline was not the only one with claws. The dragon focused all of its fury on the tiger, and left it bleeding in the murky swamp waters.

This was the trigger for Tes Mufala. He landed several large hits on the dragon, and it was bleeding heavily from multiple slices all over its body. This left the beast shaken, and it realized that this was probably more than it needed for lunch. So it channeled all its strength into breaking free from the tanglefoot bag, and it succeeded. Obviously – as the superior combatant of the battlefield – it was not going to leave empty handed.

With its mighty black claws, it grabbed the tiger and took of. Willem responded by throwing another tanglefoot bag, but the dreagon had learned from the first one, and broke free from this one in mid-flight. On’nis realized that his tiger was being abducted as dragon lunch, so he responded quickly. He enlarged the unconscious tiger, which resulted in it growing so much in weight, that the dragon could not hold on to it. In a desperate attempt to kill off the dragon before it got away, everyone attacked it, but the dragon was not dumb. It invoked a veil of darkness 20 feet over the ground, and then flew straight of, effectively blocking the sight of casters and archers alike.


Session stats:

  • Playerkills: 0

XP summary

  • 450 xp for defeating the black dragon
  • 200 xp for enduring the horrible smell of the swamp, kindly brought to life by Radokans player.



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