Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 29

Rearming tricked the trap monkey

After a short discussion, our heroes went for the water room, in order to locate anything that Talsillas might have missed on their last visit. After a few hours, Willem – sitting alternately on the shoulders of Nash and Wix – could conclude that the former elven rogue actually had found everything there was to find. Besides the unexplored rat tunnels leading east, the only notable mention was the already known arcane locked secret door leading south towards the temple. Before opening the door, the halfling rogue did yet another solo search mission into the rat tunnel. It led to a huge cave, with numerous exits, and he decided to backtrack, since the distance between him and his companions started to become uncomfortably long.

Back on the shoulders of Wix, the halfling disabled the arcane lock and proceeded to open the door. To everyone’s surprise, opening the door triggered a trap. And not just any trap. A huge column of unholy fire stroke down from the ceiling, dealing severely damage to the party. Eberhart was close to closing his eyes for the last time, but quick reactions from Nash Quale and Tes Mufala – the 2 paladins – saved him from drowning.

They followed the hallways south, and strategically, they decided to let Willem track ahead, in order to approach any hidden dangers without being seen or heard. This was clsoe to become the downfall of the little shadow rogue. When no sound was heard behind the door leading into the temple complex, he decided to open it. It wasn’t locked, but much to his surprise it was also trapped. A deadly gas soon filled a huge area. The strategic decision saved the rest of the party, but Willem could feel all his strength disappear. Luckily, the little fellow had eaten enough potatoes through his shadowy life, and whether that was, what saved him, or if Pelor actually still held a little power over this place, is not to be told, but the party reached him, just as he was about to die. For the second time within half an hour, one of their friends was inches from becoming yet another victim of the Dungeon of Graves, and yet another time, that friend was saved by his companions.

Wix took a quick decision, and soon they had backtracked to the elven tomb, where they recovered from the hardships of the last few hours. They rested until morning, and Wix memorized a full restoration, to bring back the trap-monkey to full health.

A plan was laid. They would assault the ogres in the cave, that Willem had scouted, by using an instant-appear-and-kill tactic. Quickly they moved down to the hallway where scarred black pudding remains still was to be found on the floor. WIllem crawled through the tunnel, and when he didn’t appear after 5 minutes, Radokan grabbed his remaining 3 friends, and cast a dimension door spell. According to WIllems advice, he targeted a point 40 meters due east, and luckily the halfling guess was good enough. They landed just in the outskirts of an ogre encampment, and Radokan started to rain fireballs over the surprised ogres. Soon it became obvious that their opponents had no relation whatsoever to their way more organized cousins 3 levels up. Most where slain before they even got up, while the remaining started to flee. Even the 2 ogres that got the benefit of surprise, when they returned from their watch round, could do nothing against the seasoned warriors. 2 ogres escaped into tunnels leading deeper down, but they decided to stay back and secure the perimeter. The cave had a lot of exits, and our heroes did not want to walk down one, only to be ambushed when they came back.

The ogres had a huge amount of loot. A total of 8 sacks contained items of magical quality as well as objects of a rather dubious nature. A ninth sack contained a surprise. Within was a gaggeed human. When freed and interrogated, he presented himself as Jadjik – a cleric of Obad-Hai, who had wandered into these caverns in order to restore the natural order, which was interrupted by some influence from these depths.

The treasure was distributed evenly, with special notice to the water-breathing potions, which was given to “The platemails”. At first they didn’t get it, but Willem was kind enough to explain them the physics involved in swimming with a platemail. Not withou dispute, Willem gave up the bottle of brandy, he had hid for himself. The argument of it being such a strong alcohol that it would be able to dissolve the acids of Dungie weighed more than his insatiable thirst for a good drink – Gods knew that he could need it after yesterday.


Session stats:

  • Playerkills: 0

XP summary

  • 160/135 XP for surviving the firetrap
  • 675 XP for surviving the cloudspores trap
  • 640/540 XP for destroying the ogre encampment

Treasure summary

  • To Be Done



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