Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 28

Facing the Feces

Once more, the party was left mourning in the room of the joyful, but now deceased, ghast. They spent a few hours deciding what to do next, and just as they decided to backtrack to see if they missed anything in the current level, Eberhart Wix was teleported in. They went back to the shaft where Nash was the episode known as the “Paladin Impalement” had taken place, and soon they were standing in the room with an empty wooden coffin and a hallway that was blocked by a huge cave-in.

Willem spent a fair amount of time looking for secret entrances, but just as he was about to conclude that nothing was left to be found, the party noticed something was approaching from the hallway. A huge pile of what appeared to be shit was slowly moving closer, leaving a slimy trail of feces covered in a clear acidic jelly on the dungeon floor behind it. Several magical damage spells were cast at it, but to no obvious effect.

Quickly a plan was laid out. The dung ooze was to be lured into the room, and everyone would spread out close to the back wall. Then when it came in, they would run around it, and simply just outrun it, and then trap it behind a number of closed doors. It all started out as planned, but then the pile of dung took them by surprise. It accelerated and its stinking tentacles struck Nash Quale. The paladin felt a burning pain, and despite the quick reaction, where a resist acid spell was cast as a counter, he could still feel the massive forces working withing the ooze. He couldn’t wrestle himself free, but Radokan grabbed his shoulder and yanked him out with a dimension door spell. Seconds later, they were all running down the hallway, and they didn’t stop until they reached the first door. They came to the room with the skeleton and the red magical ants, and with two closed doors between them and the magical resistant shit ooze, now named Dungie, they felt a bit safer – which wasn’t much taking their current location in Rappan Athuk into consideration..

They decided to examine what they figured was the lair of Dungie – the latrine to the north. Willem went to examine it, while the rest spread out within hearing distance, so they would be able to shout to him, if the feces monster unexpectedly knew how to open doors. WIllem searched the lair of Dungie, but due to his decision of not crawling into the 3 holes filled with shit, he had to return empty handed.

They regrouped and decided to negotiate passage with the ogre barbarians. Contact was established, and soon they faced Grarh accompanied by 10 battle-ready ogres. Grarh proved his advanced manners, when he surprised our heroes by paying his respect to their dead halfling friend. A tribute for a single passage was negotiated. Apparently, Grarh had lost one of his own kin to the purple worms a few levels down. He wanted a stinger from a purple worm as the price for passage. The group quickly agreed and they were escorted through the cave.When they came to the bottom of the stairs, Wix opened his backpack and showed his companions that he actually had such a stinger, from his meeting with the worm which was known as Garim-bane. A token he had planned to have made into a spear, but now decided to use for their safe travels.

The group moved down a level, and paid Saraceks tomb a visit. The level was deserted, so no obstacles were met. Nash fulfilled one of his personal quests, when he laid eyes on the crypt, and everyone shivered when Eberhart told the stories about Saracek cutting down half their party, before Garim finally managed to bring the death knight down by the use of Yetis magical warhammer.

After a quick deroute back to the barbarians, where their tribute was paid, and they continued down to next level, and decided pay a visit to Garims grave. To their horror they saw that the improvised tomb was empty. A short examination gave birth to a lot of dreadful thoughts, when they realized that the tomb had not been opened from the outside. Something had clawed its way out from the inside.

Wix blessed the site, and they continued forward. Quickly they traversed the river, using the rope that still hang between to rock formations on each side of the river. Once more the mysterious cliff in the middle of the southern part of the cavern was examined, but even Willems trained eye did not reveal anything special about it.

They continued straight south, skipped past the room complex housing the oracle, and the room where they had met the master illusionist. Soon they were standing in the big tomb with 6 alcoves in the southern wall and 6 in the northern wall. Willem did a quick search but found nothing. Then they examined the antechamber. In the floor a visible trap door, which led down to a corridor. Everyone remembered the certainty with which Talsillas had told them, that nothing of interest was found in their room, and each and everyone wondered whether he just had tried to hide what was behind, from their non-elven eyes. Following the corridor for 10 meters, it led them to a small safe-haven. This was the tomb of an elven warrior-maid, and the paladins could tell that this place for some reason had escaped the evil aura that enshrouded everything else in this damned place. They noted this down as a perfect location for resting.

They then proceeded down the stairs to the level where they had encountered the temple of Orcus, and where the party was almost destroyed upon their last visit. After a quick fight with a single ghoul, they searched the areas before the water hallway, but no more hidden secrets were found. Then they decided to let Willem search the rat tunnels in the room where Wix and his previous companions had encountered the black pudding. Wix crawled in, and a while after he came back. He reported of a large caves with at least 8 ogres, and a number of huge bonfires. The only problem was that only Willem was small enough to crawl through the rat tunnels.


Session stats:

  • Playerkills: 0

XP summary

  • 220/150 XP for escaping Dungie
  • 300/180 XP for diplomatic solution with the ogre camp
  • 220/150 XP for realizing that Garim corpse where not in his tomb of purple worm dung anymore
  • 10/2 XP for defeating the sole undead slaughter lamb

Treasure summary

  • None



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