Rappan Athuk Reloaded

Session 26

Lots of ups and downs


Willem was the closest and he started running in the same direction the 2 hideous beasts was flying. He could see the limp body of Talsillas hanging under one of the harpies, like a pig on its way to the slaughterhouse. The halfling saw that they landed in the top of a large dead tree located on a hill around 100 yards in front of him. He realized that he had to hurry if he should save the elf, so he continued to run as fast as he his small legs could carry him.

Meanwhile, Radokan looked shortly at both Nash and Iandark. When none of them resisted, he grabbed their shoulders and cast a dimension door spell. A split second later, they found themselves at the foot of the tree. They could hear the harpies screeching horribly inside the tree and feared for their elven friend. The arcane dwarf quickly scouted the tree to find a good location near the entrance, and then he prepared another dimension door to bring the trio 7 meters up. But Iandark had second doubts and yanked himself out of the dwarfs grip.

Inside Talsillas had a great time. He had just heard the most beautiful singing, and was overwhelmed by happiness. Therefore he was oblivious to the danger behind him, but reality struck back at the same time that the first spiked club clashed with the back of his head. Despite the fact that the nail penetrated his skull, he managed to shake of the effects of the critical strike. Unfortunately for our hero, it was only to turn around and see the next club coming right at him. He tried to dodge, but this time the next rusty nail hit right in the soft spot on the top of his head, and his brain sprayed all over the inside of the tree. The first harpy – who was starving – dropped over him and started feasting.

This happened at the same time, that the mage and the paladin landed on 2 wide branches, just outside the hole leading into the hollow tree. The holy warrior of Pelor moved in, closely followed by Radokan. There was, however, not room for Radokan, so he had to stand behind. This did not prevent him from hearing, when the other harpy started singing. It was a loud ballad, and even Nash couldn’t deny that it was indeed just as enchantingly beautiful as the harpies were gruesome. Iandark used a dimension door of his own and found himself standing next to Radokan, just outside the hole leading into the tree.

Everyone heard the enchanting song, and all but the approaching Willem managed to shake of the magical effect. He could not resist the beauty of it, and started to climb towards the source of the song, which he by heart knew was inside the tree. Nash cast light on his armor and took a few steps forward into the tree. Below, he could see Talsillas lying below a harpy. The elven rogue was bleeding from his head, but it was hard too see if he was still alive. The holy warrior took a fast decision, grabbed his sword with two hands and jumped.

Despite it was the first time in his life, that he was actually airborne, the sheer determination in the paladins eyes almost shone brighter than the magical light on his armor. The feasting harpy looked up, just as it saw 300 pounds of flying goodness coming down from above. The paladins sword tore right through the torso of the harpy, just as Nash landed. So far the action had been a success, but now he realized that the root net that made the bottom of the cave was not nearly strong enough to carry the weight of the heavily armored paladin. In desperation he tried to grab the something but failed to hold on, and he fell down to the ground inside the tree.

The other harpy flew upwards and escaped through another hole in the tree, just as Radokan and Iandark came to edge and looked down. Focus was on Talsillas, but they soon realized it was too late. They recovered his body, threw a rope down to Nash, and soon after they were holding a short ceremony to the elven rogue, whose history was unknown by all those attending his improvised funeral.

They were sharing a moment in silence and mourning, when they saw an armor-clad man approach. A short introduction was made, and Tes Mufala – a Paladin go Weejas searching for the Famous Dungeon of Rappan Athuk – joined the party. Luckily, the newcomer had a crude map of the area, and a few hours later they arrived at the sunken graveyard – a place none of them previously had laid eyes upon. The sun was about to set when they arrived at the far end of the graveyard – their destination was the black obsidian well, that Radokan wanted to examine closely. First, he magically imbued himself with ability to fly and then followed up by making himself whisker out of sight, by casting an invisibility spell. He descended into the well, while the rest of the party relaxed, and looked at the devil and demon carvings on the side of the well.

Just as the last rays of the sun stopped hitting them, they noticed movement in the darkness around them. The graveyard had come alive, and almost a dozen undead staggered towards them – clearly showing their intention of eating the graveyard intruders’ brains out. Iandark teleported out, while Willem faded into the shadows. That left the 2 paladins back to fight, but the mindless ghouls and ghasts were easily dispatched with only minor scratches to show for it. With perfect timing, Radokan ascended from the well again, reporting that nothing of immediate interest was to be found, but there were small exits from the cavern, which lay almost 100 feet below.

The sky was dark and gloomy, when they decided to enter Rappan Athuk to meet with Eberhart on the rendezvous point. After a short discussion and re-telling of old stories, they remembered that the entrance was through the main mausoleum. Willem showed extreme skills and manage to pick the unpickable lock, and soon after they entered the single grand room in the magnificent building. Detect evil were used by the paladins, and it was everywhere. Soon after they discovered that the doors had closed and that the floor was coming closer to the ceiling. They were in a trap, but luckily Willem managed to detect a trap door in the floor. They gathered all their strengths, but to their fear they realized that the trap door was closing due to a sliding mechanism in the raising floor. They had to jump.

Willem jumped in first, and managed to grab the top steps a few meters below. Nash – burdened by his way too heavy armor – failed to grab anything and banged into the floor some 35 feet below. Iandark – much more nimble and elegant, passed falling past Willem, but timed his grip perfectly, and managed to hang on to the steps. Right after him came Tes – but his agility left him no chance to catch on to anything, so he prepared himself for the impact. Luckily he landed on top of Nash, which took the top of the blow.

Nash, on the other hand, was not that lucky. Tes Mufala was very easily recognizable by his good looks, his charming behaviour and by his extremely spiked armor.


Session stats:

  • Playerkills: 1

XP summary

  • 300 XP for defeating the harpies
  • 375/56 XP for defeating the undeads

Treasure summary

  • None



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